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For those who want something different.



From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions; we make images that are as unique as you are. We cater to couples that want to live in every moment and have hell of a lot of fun.

However you celebrate, we are in. Let's make photos that feel like you.

body positive


We are a genuine body-loving space serving cis women, trans women, and non-binary folks. We dance it out while you see your badass self as you really are.

Celebrate every inch of yourself and all the glorious space you take up.

fine art


Your actual blood, sweat, and tears have been left across stages and in studios. Whether it's for an upcoming audition or to memorialize how far you have come -- we've got you.

You've worked your whole life to master your art; let's make some magic.

as featured on…

Photography has led me on a crazy journey: everything from covering national news, to working with major publications, speaking at conferences and winning international photo competitions. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph all walks of life, ranging from US senators and So You Think You Can Dance stars to rising theater actors and to some spectacular humans that live right next door. I am extraordinarily grateful for every single wild second of it.


Ready to have your story told?

We are all about you being exactly who you are and documenting the hell out of it. Does all of this make you want to dance it out? Reach out, we would love to be a part of your big adventure.

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This is the part where I'm supposed to talk about how I just LOVE love, and how I live in leggings, and you can always find me with a perfectly coordinated coffee mug. I mean 2/3 of those things are correct (I have tried for close to a decade, I can't drink coffee), but those aren't the things you care about. All the details