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Kelsey and Madison – Romantic Cobblestone Creek Wedding Photos, Victor NY

From the second I sat down with Kelsey and Madison over a year ago to have coffee, I knew it was going to be one of those weddings that left me with sore cheeks from grinning all day long. They just have this energy about them; when you see them together, the instant reaction is “yep, that makes sense.” (Fun fact: I was a senior at the party where they met in college freshman year. Yes, I’m old).They laughed their way through their FREEZING engagement session, and right into their wedding day.

Kelsey and Madison did their wedding with the best priorities: having all of their favorite humans in the same room, having their wedding day feel like them, and having an absolute blast. That energy was woven throughout the whole day. From the La Salon Bianca floor being abuzz with excitement to getting ready at their apartment with a mix of eyes-closed laughter and tears (Kelsey’s brother-in-law started the tears train every single time). Everyone present was so thrilled for these two extraordinary humans to finally be married.

They opted for a first look, as the perfect way to take the edge off of their nervous energy and to enjoy a private moment together. Madison was overwhelmed from the moment he saw Kelsey (let’s be real, she looked like a queen), and the two spent the afternoon exploring the grounds at Cobblestone Creek with their equally wonderful wedding party.

Now, besides the whole getting married thing and seeing everyone they love, one of the parts of the day that Kelsey and Madison were most excited about was their outdoor ceremony. It’s a beautiful view, and the arch that Kittleberger’s put together was amazing. However, mother nature had other plans. We spent the whole hour before the ceremony starting at the rain, willing it to stop. Apparently, someone in the group had Jedi mind powers because the drizzle stopped right before the guests were seated. They cried and laughed (I mean you would too if your partner’s vows mentioned your abs) their way through their outdoor ceremony that was equal parts sweet, funny, and sentimental.

They danced their way down the aisle, and into their equally energetic reception. Amid hysterical toasts, heartfelt parent dances, and a cake smash for the books (things you can’t hear: “NO!! Her makeup is so perfect!! from the makeup artist), we celebrated the marriage of two marvelous people. They danced until the very last song of the night, and there was not a single face in the entire room that wasn’t smiling,

Cheers you two! Thank you for being phenomenal from beginning to end, and for living in every moment of your wedding day. You guys are the BEST!


Hair – La Salon Bianca
Makeup – La Salon Bianca (wedding party), a friend (bride)
Dress – Your Perfect Day (Mori Lee)
Florist – Kittleberger’s Florist
Venue – Cobblestone Creek Country Club
DJ – Spectrum Sounds




  • Diane Buecheler

    Jacqueline you have such a great personality for what you do….and you do amazing work! We enjoyed having you with our family on this special day!

  • Rev Kris Miller

    These are mazing photos! I enjoyed working with you. Rev Kris

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